We Up Ent

Album: On The Job (2014)

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Song: Prayer

Bitrate: 192kbps

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StarStruk ZOE Bio:

Born: 10-16-1989

From: Detroit, MI

StarStruk (star-struck) Zoe was a name formulated from a childhood name Lorenzo. The name

StarStruk comes from an infatuation with the way that celebrity's live.

Genres: East Coast, Gangsta Rap, Trap Rap, Pop Rap, Hardcore Hip Hop

Compilations: We Up In Here, On The Job 1.5,

"We Up In Here" was the first compilation mixtape that StarStruk ZOE ever appeared on. The

mixtape was released by We Up Ent. in 2012. StarStruk ZOE only featured on 1 song on that mixtape

but he made his presence felt early in his career. The mixtape accumulated over 20,000 downloads

and was a successful project for the label.

"On The Job" was the second compilation mixtape that StarStruk ZOE featured on. The

mixtape was released by his label We Up Ent. in the year of 2013. The mixtape "On The Job" which

had a hit single called "Bands On The Floor" featuring StackBoi Zeek and LoyalT really set StarStruk

ZOE apart from other artist. "Bands On The Floor", really gained notoriety and opened new doors for

We Up Ent. as a label and StarStruk ZOE as an artist.

Currently StarStruk Zoe is working on a compilation mixtape called the "Hype Is Real" with his

label mate and Virginia native KeyzBeKillin. The mixtape "The Hype Is Real" is scheduled to be

released in early February 2015.The mixtape is a good mixture of hip hop and rap with a mellow East

coast feel. The mixtape is highly anticipated and has fans waiting and eager to listen to the refreshing

new sound.